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Brisket Rub $11.99


  Rooster's Championship Brisket Rub is a rich blend of herbs and spices including garlic, onion, red bell pepper, black pepper, and paprika. This is one great rub and an incredible flavor boost for your Beef Brisket. Also goes well on poultry, pork,  fish, and vegetables... Contain no glutens. 

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Rib Rub$9.99


 Rooster's Championship Rib Rub is a blend of rich brown sugar and classic spices, just enough salt, and a bump of heat for breathtaking BBQ! Make your ribs and chops or succulent chicken into neighborhood legends with this wonderful rub. Try it and you’ll know why Rooster's Rib Rub is a favorite among competitors in cook-offs, and home BBQ as well. 

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Pork Rub $10.99


Rooster's Championship Pork Rub has a touch of sweetness, & is a perfect blend of spices to enhance the flavor of pork baby back ribs, spareribs and other cuts of pork. This seasoning is excellent on chicken as well. Rooster's Championship Pork Rub Seasoning has become the standard for championship pork on the KCBS competition circuit.  Best on Pulled Pork!!!

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